Stars in US Emmanuel C. Ezema

  • The play, Stars in Us, is a protest against systems that pin down people’s destinies. It is a protest against systems that starve common people’s dreams, aspirations, and chances of attaining their greatness. It advocates for universal mentalities of individual freedom, togetherness of communities, tolerance in diversity, gender parity, the newness of charity, equal opportunity, love and fairness, national family, wildlife protection, and as well as the need for a universal language. The author advocated using the main characters in the play, that by upholding these universal mentalities and an environment where people’s demands drive the mandates of leaders, that fertile institutions and platforms emerged to liberate the stars in people. The book harnessed organized conversations to project a teaching on how good leadership unlocks human destinies. The book also positioned itself as a collection of the hopes and dreams of people in many suffering societies, and also a presentation of suggestions on how leaders can spark the change that people want to see happen in their lands.
  • Timsmek Global Publishers
  • February 28, 2022
  • 278 pages