Corruption, Poverty & Society: A Case Study of Nigeria

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Drawing from the available statistics with references to the status quo in the polity, this book provides you with a deep level of analysis of the corruption in politics and governance — using Nigeria as a case study.

It is a given that corruption is found everywhere in the world — even in the sanest of climes, but what makes the kind of corruption found in Nigeria so powerful that it fights those who reject it and even jails them, is deserving of everyone’s study time.

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How did there come to be so many enemies of democracy and nation-building? How did corruption become the greatest amongst them? What is it that makes the corruption in Nigeria so powerful that it remains adamant and resistant when fought against? What has been the effect of the interplay of corruption and poverty on the Nigerian society?

This book shall discuss the above-mentioned, including other related issues; and deal with the real source of Nigeria’s myriad of problems, the political leadership. The book calls on its readers to awake to the fact that corruption and poverty cannot produce a healthy society. Thus, getting every Nigerian to propagate a positive mindset is the first and greatest means to end corruption and overcome the challenges of rapid moral decay in our society.

Not only does this book answer the above challenging questions, it also postulates the most practical steps to rid the entire system of corruption. The focus is on the bottom line, the need for Nigerians to renew their thinking and change their desires in order to regenerate societal values for a better community.  That is the crux of the matter as discussed in this book.   The fight against corruption


should be more mental than legal; until the battle is won in the mind, corruption can never be defeated.

The chapters of this book are grouped into two sections. As highlighted above, the focus is on the mental phenomenon of humans, their morals and conduct in everyday life. The reader is encouraged to read carefully to apprehend the overview of each section; reflect on its core values and applications, as it provides excellent insights onto how people should live, the right use of power, how to overcome mental and spiritual poverty, drawing on the divine formula for success. The primary focus is centred on information that can help in combating against the most dangerous poverty through the renewing of  the minds, thought patterns and every mental assertion to life and nation development. Such individuals are expected to live a clean life, in this corrupt world. Though not an easy task, it is not impossible to achieve.

The book stresses the need for activists, politicians and reformers to focus on the underlying issue of corruption and censure those who are mentally sapped from thinking in any productive way that would rescue the society from the menace.

In the Nigerian context, performance starts with tackling corruption. Corruption is the key issue, the virus of government and the nation’s worst disability. To tackle corruption effectively, it must be established that its fuel is poverty, the poverty of the mind. Ridding the system of corruption, then, calls for transforming the mind where it resides. This is the bottom line that those Nigerian leaders at the helm of affairs seem not to understand. If they had known the source of the problem, they would have opted for solutions and made viable efforts to sensitize the uninformed citizens of the nation to put their mindset to positive thinking, because the mind is the seat of intelligence and action. The truth is: poverty cannot be controlled unless corruption is eradicated. The effect of both on society is abysmal.


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